Galinio boutique apartments is adopting all saftey measures to guarantee the guests’ safe stay according to the new covid19 safety hygiene protocols.

This involves the training of the staff to comply with the hygiene protocol, reception in an open air space, application of social distancing measures, and the use of protective gear by the staff members.

The main measures are:


Check ou time will be t 11:00am while check in will take place at 15:00 so that the rooms can be thoroughly cleaned.


There will be a welcome basket which will include packaged products for the preparation of breakfast, personal antiseptic
and cleaning products. All the not so basic elements such as magazines, leaflets, washing bags and bathrobes will be removed from the rooms. Only guests are permitted to enter the rooms.


The cleaning of the rooms which are suspected to have accommodated covid-19 cases will be carried out by a group of trained cleaning professionals. The cleaning of rooms will only take place at the request of the guests and after three days of their stay. All furniture fabrics will be steam cleaned (at over 70 degrees celcius) after each check out.


Designation of a manager for the application of a plan to deal with suspect cases of covid-19 as well as designation of a manager to overlook the plan.


Each apartment has its own designated sunbeds. The cleaning and sterilisation of the pool area will be conducted on a more regular basis and suitable disinfectants to suit the current conditions wiil be used for the water.